Only 52% of long term couples say they’re satisfied with their sex lives. Does that sound like you?

It’s no wonder. You get into a new relationship and the sparks are flying. You’re ready to hop in the sack at any opportunity and explore new positions and toys and locations.

But after a while, you get into a routine. You settle into your favorite three positions, realize the bed is the comfiest place for sex, and you stop experimenting.

Try livening up the experience by adding bedroom toys to your romps. Here are seven time tested toys that couples love again and again.

1. Take Ben Wa Balls for a Spin

Made famous through Fifty Shades of Grey, Ben Wa balls are known to drive a woman crazy. These two egg-shaped balls slide into your lady parts and rock against each other, and more importantly, against you.

Ben Wa Balls are designed to get you horny, but not get you over the edge. Check out this writer’s experience to get the idea. If you’re struggling to get into the mood, Ben Wa Balls might be the perfect toy to bring your craving back.

2. Find a Vibrator That Works for You

Not all vibrators are made equal. From whiny to a heavy thrum, you may want to try a few different options. Every woman’s body is different, so it may take some experimentation to find a vibrator you love.

Pay attention to size, intensity, and different textures your vibrator offers. Try different speeds or different pulsing patterns. 

But vibrators are a must-have in every sex toy chest. So find one that you like the power, the fit, and the feel.

3. Get a Blindfold

Looking for some sensory deprived pleasure? A blindfold is a great way to get more in contact with your partner, and with what you’re feeling. Since you can’t see, your other senses – like the sense of touch – are heightened.

That means your partner’s every touch and movement is that much more intense. You can opt for a luxurious, sexy blindfold, or make do with a necktie or silk scarf in a pinch.

4. Play Around With Bondage

There are tons of ways to bring any level of bondage into the bedroom. Opt for simple handcuffs or a full set of bed restraints. You can even go for an easy to install doorway bondage swing.

The point with bondage is it only has to be as extreme as you’re comfortable with. It’s an expression of trust in your partner, and a sense of relief, of forfeiting control for a moment and letting someone else take the reigns.

Once you’ve settled into your level of comfort with bondage, you can mix it up by adding other toys. Consider things like leashes, whips, nipple clamps, or maybe a golden shower.

Not up for the real deal, or want to try a golden shower on your solo playtime? Consider a toy like the whizzinator. You can buy a whizzinator here.

5. Get Lingerie That Makes You Feel Good

Perhaps you haven’t been feeling as confident in yourself as you used too. That’s okay, we all go through downtimes. Consider getting lingerie that makes you feel good in your body.

That means no itchy straps or cheap textures. If it makes you feel like a lumpy porn star, pick something else. (Unless that’s what you’re into, then definitely do you.)

Feeling good about rocking your body can boost your libido and bring back the sex drive in your life.

6. Try Nipple Clamps

Nipples are an often neglected part of our sensuality. It’s even possible to orgasm entirely from nipple play alone.

Consider getting nipple clamps or other nipple play toys. They come in all shapes and designs, from beginner toys where you can control the power of the pinch, to more advanced toys that are a bit more intense.

They come with chains, tassels, and so much more. Explore what’s available, and pick something that catches your eye. It’s a good idea to start small, with something a bit gentler, and move on as you get used to the pressure.

7. Try a Plug

Want to add more butt play to your sex life? Consider getting a butt plug. They range from just a few inches to seriously massive. It can be a great way to add extra stimulation to your sex life.

Look for high-grade silicone toys, and make sure you have plenty of water-based lube to keep the silicone from degrading. As with all butt play, more lube is always better.

Invest in Setting the Mood

As you start to explore the world of sex toys and products, you’ll find a lot of really cool things that aren’t exactly toys. Instead, they’re designed to enhance sensations, boost libido, or otherwise boost the mood.

Consider things like candles that melt into massage oil, or clitoral stimulation enhancers that can drive you wild.

Being intentional about your sex life can lead to a better, more fulfilling relationship.

These Bedroom Toys are a Great Way to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Investing in bedroom toys is investing in your relationships. A fulfilling sex life is vital for a healthy relationship. So have some fun, and talk with your partner. Do any of these fun toys sound like something you want to try next time you take it to the bedroom?

Keep checking back for more great advice to make every day a little easier and a little better.