It is likely that you have had trees growing around you, in your garden, for many years. However, it is likely that you haven’t yet been in a situation where you have had to determine whether or not a true requires emergency care or even complete removal. Usually, the tree is either up, which means it is fine, or it has broken for some reason, which means it needs removing. In reality, however, there are many situations in which a tree may look fine but does require removal. Thankfully, companies like Trugreen are there to help with this. They have also provided a list of signs to be aware of in an effort to help people avoid both property damage and personal injury.

Trugreen on Signs to Be Aware of

There are different things to look for depending on the time of year. The climate in Knoxville is quite comfortable all year long. However, even here, trees will at some point lose their leaves. If these do not come back, there is a sign of trouble. If the tree becomes completely barren, or if the leaves seem to fall off for no reason after turning brown, wilted, and dry, then it is probably dying.

A healthy tree also has quite elastic branches. They should spring back into position after the have been pulled on, and it should not be easy to break them off. By contrast, if you find a branch breaks with ease, there is likely to be a problem. Similarly, you should have a feel of the bark and notice that it is quite rough. You should be able to pull some of the bark off on a healthy tree, although not with the greatest ease. If you feel like the bark is truly dried out, or if it breaks off without any give, or if it flakes once it is in your hand, it is likely that your tree is diseased.

Next, you should look at the wood itself. Take a branch from the tree and snap it so that you can see the center. On a healthy tree, the center will be white in color, sometimes with a little bit of green between that and the bark. The consistency should be slightly damp and very smooth. If you see any dryness or splinters, or if the color is off-white or dull, the tree might have died completely.

Last but not least, take a look of the things that live in the tree, if there are any. Dead trees are not preferred by any type of creature. Living trees tend to have a range of different birds and insects living in them. They are attracted by the hiding places, but also the nuts, fruits, and insects in the tree itself.

Safely Removing a Tree

If you spot any of the problems above, you need to call in the experts. Do not attempt to remove a tree by yourself. Do also consider an annual professional inspection of your trees.