Most people with a home and garden would love to have a lawn. Lawns are beautiful and natural, and they can even add value to your property. Unfortunately, they can also be somewhat hard to maintain, particularly because they attract weeds. However, help is out there. One way you can make sure your lawn always looks great is to get help from a company like True Green. And as you can see from the TruGreen reviews, they deliver a fantastic service. They have also come up with the following five key things that you should remember to keep your lawn beautiful – and free from weeds, and they welcome you to comment on this. Please view this review and let them know was this review useful to you.

1. Regularly Mow Your Lawn

When you mow your lawn, you also mow the weeds down. This means they can no longer be pollinated and their growth will stop. However, if you have to mow your weeds, it means they are already there, so you will have to do a few other things as well.

2. Uproot Your Weeds

The oldest method of getting rid of weeds is to uproot them. This can take a long time, however, particularly if you have a lot of weeds. Plus, unless you get the whole root, and you make sure that none of the flower pollen escapes, they will simply come back. To do this properly, dig around the weed and grab it while gently pulling and tugging. You can do this before you mow the lawn, or after.

3. Mulch

You can suppress weeds by mulching as well. While it is very easy to do, it is a good idea to research how to mulch as there are many different types of mulch available depending on your needs. One method only requires you to leave your lawn clippings on the lawn itself. The added benefit is that it will give your lawn some much-needed nutrients, however, it doesn’t look very pretty. The best time to do this is when you want to reseed your lawn as well.

4. Weed Control

The best weed control is organic, as this helps you to protect the environment as well. However, sometimes, a more abrasive solution is required. If you don’t use an organic controller, however, do make sure you check all the safety instructions, particularly in terms of when your children and pets can come into contact with it, as well as other plants.

5. Get the Professionals In

A final option is to get a professional landscape company to come in. They will be able to spot where the weed problem comes from, and what the best way to rid yourself of them will be. If you want to be 100% sure that your lawn will look fantastic and will be completely free from weeds, then this is the way forward. Do read some reviews from a past customer or two so that you get the best service available.

Last but not least, make sure you engage in proper lawn care appropriate for each season, which is essential for the beauty of all lawns.